Frequently Asked Questions

What style of barbeque do you serve?

We're servin' up championship winning barbecue that is influenced by the Kansas City and Oklahoma regions with a Colorado flair.

Is everything really smoked fresh?

In the words of Papa Jeff, "You bet your ass it is!" Our pulled pork, brisket, and burnt ends are smoked overnight for 14 hours. All other meats hit the smoker first thing in the morning to insure that your food is smoked fresh each day. Woody's Q Shack family owns a total of 12's becoming quite the obsession!

Why are you sold out of _________?

It takes at least 14 hours to smoke our championship barbecue. We do or best to smoke the right amount of food for each day, but we can't always guess what folks will be craving from day to day! We wish we never sold out, but we want to do things right. No leftovers. No microwaves. We can't speed up the process of low and slow barbecue, and we won't risk our quality by trying. We hope you will understand that the best barbecue joints are selling out, and we will do our best to anticipate demand. Please come back or try something new if we are out of what you were looking for!

Are burnt ends burned?

Not at all. Burnt ends come from the point of the brisket. The point is much fattier than the flat. We trim off the point and give it some extra time in the smoker. The final product is a smokey, caramelized, burnt end full of flavor. A burnt end is known as the "candy of barbecue." It is a traditional part of Kansas City barbecue and known as a delicacy.

Why don't my ribs fall off the bone?

You will never hear us say "fall off the bone ribs." Fact of the matter is, "fall off the bone ribs" are overcooked. Our ribs have won championships because they don't fall off the bone. Barbecue judges are looking for ribs with a little tug and a clean bite mark.

Do you have any vegetarian options?

Smoking championship winning meat is our thing. The only vegetarian options we have are potato salad, creamy mac-n-cheese, and coleslaw.

What on your menu is gluten-free?

Our meats, sauces, and coleslaw are gluten-free.

What is the difference in your sauces?

We believe that great barbecue doesn't have to be sauced to be delicious. However, if you do prefer sauce, we have three different sauces that are guaranteed to knock your socks off! Signature is made in house. It is a good, homestyle barbecue sauce. Spicy has just enough kick to spice things up. Sweet is the same sauce that we use on our competition ribs and pork and has been a major ingredient in several of the awards that hang on our walls.

Do you cater?

You better believe it! We started this business by catering and we will always continue it. We love catering all events. No event is too big or too small. We've been known to cater for 1,000 people in under 15 minutes! It would be our honor to cater your next event. Just remember, we are barbecue! We don't do fancy!

My meat is pink! Is it undercooked?

All of our meat is fully cooked and temped to perfection. That pink is what the barbecue world calls a "smoke ring." A smoke ring shows that the meat is smoked on point! Technically, it comes from the reaction between the myoglobin in the meat and nitric oxide in the smoke. In barbecue's damn good!

My meat looks burnt!

All of our meat is cooked to perfection. What you think looks burnt is call BARK. Bark is a flavorful crust that forms from the rubs and smoke being cooked at a perfect temperature.

Why are you closed on Sundays and Mondays?

At Woody's Q Shack, we prioritize family. We close on these days in order to give our employees time with family. Our restaurant is closed on Mondays, but we are busy in the kitchen prepping for Tuesday!

Where does you name (Woody's Q Shack) come from?

Our family last name is Woodward and Woody is short for Woodward. The "Q" obviously stands for barbecue, and a tiny little shack is where it all started!